My Background

Licensed Realtor Since 1985
Broker Since 1995
Board of Directors – Spokane Association of Realtors

Growing up in a large family taught me how to get along effectively with others, whether it was play, or work. These days, besides the great times I have with my daughter, I enjoy the teamwork that takes place between my associates, my staff and our Clients. Helping people to buy or sell homes is very much a “team” effort and the rewards get to be shared by all when everyone is pulling in the same direction. For me there’s nothing quite as satisfying as an ecstatic Client that just bought or sold a home with the Bill Richard Group! You see, I love to sink my teeth into the “why and how” a property sells and having discovered actual formulas that work time after time is kind of like figuring out a difficult and critical equation. No guessing games or waiting around here, we’re working very hard to get the job done and employing perfected techniques.

For me personally, that means I often get to be perceived as some kind of hero, and what boy, man or dad wouldn’t love that! When I’m not helping clients buy or sell their dream homes, I’m spending time with my daughter, or being humbled on the golf course, but I’m always thinking about how to do my job better or more efficiently. All of which means a more positive real estate experience for you!

Bill Richard

Direct: 509-701-4400